Thanksgiving Costumes

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on fourth Thursday in the month of November. President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday. Every president after Lincoln did support the idea of proclaiming the day as an official holiday. The day is celebrated to show gratefulness and gratitude to all the people who made our life colorful. One must also thank God for giving us such a wonderful life. Thanksgiving costumes varies from traditional pilgrim dress to a wearing a turkey costume. These costumes inculcate the feeling of the occasion, making it more colorful. We will have a look at various costumes for every age.

  • Thanksgiving costumes for girls:

    Different Types of Thanksgiving Costumes Girls are very lucky in the fashion department. They have a lot of attires to choose from. The range varies from pretty frocks to pants. The glamour of the costume adds spark to their innocent faces. You can dress up your girls in pretty traditional pilgrim frocks, colonial dresses or Native American gowns. Make a hairdo that goes well with the costume. For girls, hair left open will look good. Complement the look with nice accessories and your daughter will look like a doll.

  • Thanksgiving costumes for women:

    Women can accentuate their curves by selecting the right dress. They have got various options to explore. Traditional pilgrim dresses will look classy and elegant on them. Even American traditional gowns and Indian adult costume will go well. You can complement the dress by wearing a stylish hat. Keep the make-up minimal and make it look natural. Highlight your features softly. Don't go overboard with the make-up. Instead of keeping your hair loose, you can go for stylish braids such as the milkmaid braid or a simple side braid. The braids look cute and make women look younger. One can also wear a flower wreath on the hair.

  • Thanksgiving costumes for toddlers:

    Hot Thanksgiving Costumes You can make your toddler dress up like a turkey. If you like to have turkey for your thanksgiving feast, then definitely you will like to dress up as turkey. You need to go to your nearest cloth store and pick a turkey costume. You can also stitch the costume at home. Make sure that your toddler is comfortable in the dress. It should not cause problems when the toddler is walking or running.

  • Thanksgiving costumes for boys:

    Boys can dress up in colonial costumes or traditional American costumes. The Native American Adult plus costume and running bull child costume also looks good and make it look appealing. Boys can also dress up in turkey costume. The costumes are not that expensive and can be bought from the nearest cloth store. You can complement the look by wearing a sexy hat and attractive shoes.

The above mentioned thanksgiving costumes will help you in deciding your look for the occasion. You have got various choices to choose from. Enjoying the Thanksgiving Day in these beautiful costumes and having delicious thanksgiving feast comprising of turkey, cranberry sauce, berries, sweet corn, smashed potatoes, butter, bread and scrumptious desserts like pumpkin pie, apple pie etc., will definitely be a moment to remember. Enjoy your day of thanksgiving and make it memorable not only for you but also for others.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!