Thanksgiving Crafts

Life in today's world is very hectic. There are lots of things to be completed in 24 hours. Sometimes, we hardly get any time to reflect back on our lives and enjoy the silence. Thanksgiving Day offers you the opportunity to think about your life silently. It's the time when you thank all the people who have shown faith in you, who have supported you through thick and thin, who have helped you in times of need, who have been a source of strength for you and your close family members who have always been there for you, showering on you lot of love and affection. Since, it's a national holiday; you can spend time with your family by making some Thanksgiving crafts. You can gift those crafts to your closed ones as a memory. Here, are some of the tips on how to make Thanksgiving crafts.

Thanksgiving crafts and tips:

Craft Activities for Celebrating Thanksgiving Keeping your kids busy while you are engaged in preparing scrumptious Thanksgiving feast sounds such a relief. Imagine, now if you can keep them busy and at the same time, enhance their creativity and imagination power. This sounds like heaven. Well, you will get that heavenly feeling if you engage your kids in making Thanksgiving crafts. There are lots of ideas on how to make various Thanksgiving crafts. Try making few of them with your kids and rest leave it to them to make it on their own.

  • Thanksgiving turkey crafts:

    Thanksgiving turkey crafts are not complex ones. Show pictures of turkey to your children so that they get a proper idea as how the turkey actually looks like from all the angles. Then, provide them some color papers, scissors, glue, sketch pens etc. initially, guide them steps to make a turkey out of these color papers and later make them do on their own. One can also make turkey out of the paper bag. Here, are guidelines on how to make turkey of the paper bag.

    What materials are needed to make Thanksgiving paper bag turkey?

    1. Paper bag of brown color
    2. Scissors
    3. White craft glue
    4. Newspaper
    5. Rubber band
    6. Color card papers or crayons or paint
    7. 2 wiggle eyes of medium size


    1. Lay the paper bag flatly on the ground. Fill three-fourth of it with crumpled newspapers.
    2. With the help of a rubber band, secure the bag.
    3. For the feathers, cut stripes of the card sheet and paint it with different colors. If you use paint, the effect will be enhanced. Crayons will also be effective.
    4. Paste these stripes to the paper bag where it is secured with a rubber band. Tilt the card sheets a little from the base where it is pasted, so that it will stand upright.
    5. For making the face, secure some of the portion from front with a rubber band. Make a small beak out of the card sheet and paint it red. Paste this stick to the face of the turkey.
    6. Stick the wiggle eyes.
    7. Cut the card sheet in the shape of turkey feet. Paste these feet to the bag body which is resting on the ground.
    8. Your turkey is ready.

    Hope, the above mentioned turkey craft will help you. Use your own innovative ideas to make the turkey look real.

  • Thanksgiving crafts bouquet:

    Gifting someone a bouquet made of artificial flowers is a fascinating idea. At least, the flowers will never wither away. The Thanksgiving crafts bouquet is not difficult to make. Red roses made from red ribbon look attractive, except that they don't have fragrance. This activity will help you learn how to make artificial flowers. You can gift these flowers separately or make a bouquet out of it.

  • Thanksgiving craft decorations:

    You can make various show pieces or wall hangings for the Thanksgiving craft decorations. Use these crafts to increase the beauty of your house. Also, the crafts made by you will add a personal touch of yours to the house. Crave a Thanksgiving turkey out of a shell. This will make for an attractive Thanksgiving show piece. You can also carve various other figures from the shells. Use your imagination power and make beautiful Thanksgiving craft decorations.

Hope that these above mentioned Thanksgiving crafts will help your kids and enhance their creativity.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!