Turkey Day Awards

Thanksgiving as a festival is widely celebrated across United States of America and you would not want to fall out of ideas of having fun on the thanksgiving day. Be prepared with all your ideas and your enthusiasm as you would not want to bring the faults in your life into the picture on this particular day, instead it is an opportunity to wash away all your unholy feelings in the unending river of happiness that flows through us all but it demands our attention too. It is of significant importance that you build various zones of involvement with friends and family, and do not let anything interfere with your happiness, so be prepared to vanquish all the demons of sloth and anguish so to have your life filled with opportunities that will elevate it to a higher ground than it is currently standing upon. When you are through with the various factors that call for your attention but mean nothing you will come to find that a festival can relieve the hostility between souls and how it provides an ideal opportunity to mend the damage that has been caused in your life and how to heal yourself correctly.
When you are together with your loved ones it is important that you remain in the remembrance of happiness and do not let it slip away in anyway. It is important that you recognize the potential of these festivals to bring the togetherness to the forefront and not to let it get subdued in anyway. The thanksgiving day is an opportunity to bring your closed ones closer and you can celebrate the various achievements of your friends and family and follow the tradition of celebrating each other’s success. It is important that you let your sense of humor define the event as it will get the best out of emotions of one and all and make the event personal by that extent. It is also important to choose the category of awards carefully and not to let any of the family members out of the award ceremony. Make sure you put efforts into thinking the categories for the awards and make the right nominations. It is important that you do not let the tiredness and fatigue of the routine in life to get to your excitement and steal away the precious moments.

You can make categories like the Most Untoward Incident Handled Award, Most Promiscuous Reasoning Award, Most Dumb Talking Award, Most Stupid Repercussion Award, Most Liberal Friend Award, Most Promising Individual in Hairstyle, Most Recognizable Hair Award, and so on. Be creative and accept the possibilities unturned as you wish to make the most out of your time thinking about making the event a success. You can choose some really uncanny and funny awards for your family to be a part of, and without really letting them in on any of the difficult situations themselves. It is important that you recognize the level of sense of humor of kids and make it accordingly challenging for them to be a part of the celebrations, it is also important that your kids understand your efforts and actively participate in your efforts to make the event a success. Do not let anyone down with your jokes so it is important that you consider your uprightness in handling the emotional viability of the atmosphere. The turkey day awards are a must have if you want to dwell within your ability to make the event a happening and to make it shine.

When you decide that you are going to have a celebration which calls for an involvement then you have to push them over the edge with them having an option to let go for comfort. You can decide to have the a good looking scroll with nominations with names on it and below is the method of making it happen through your effort. Make sure that everyone is included in multiple nominations for the fun element to be strong and that everyone gets an award. You can choose to design your own card with the help of your effort and it is very easy. It takes the following things to make a card:

  • Sheets of paper of 12 by 12 inches
  • Ribbon
  • Sticks
  • Glue Gun
  • Marker
  • Pinecones

You have to cut the sheets of paper into half to have a measure of 6 by 12 inches and then you will have to write the names on the paper sheets and bring it on together with the nomination category on top. You just have to fold it and make it look like an envelope that looks fancy, and that will give you that edge over the non-communication of a dumb envelope. Then all you have to do is that use the marker and make a calligraphy out of the name that you chose to write and you will have a good looking turkey day award card. Then you have to fix the single strands of the pine cone on top of the various nomination cards. And the most important thing of all, bow down to the lord as you celebrate ,as He is the one who facilitates our identity as living beings.

Turkey Hat

When Thanksgiving is around the corner you see people getting excited about their union with friends and family and it is important that you do not delay your enthusiasm a bit and give yourself totally to the cause of celebrations. So become one with the aspirations of your goal to make this thanksgiving a fulfilling experience through your efforts is the way to achieve happiness that can be sustained and it is important that you give it all your attention to bring people together for the celebration and that you do not compromise on any of your effort to make it a happening event with all your determination and involve the kids and the elders in your efforts to bind it all together. Then you can be true to your intention of spreading the love and care among your brothers and friends. So just make the arrangements for everyone to have fun in the modest way possible and you have to deliver all the expectations. And it is best left understood that you do not have to buy extravagant stuff to please your family, all you have to do is to make the various sound divine and celebrate together.

It is always better to make crafts at home rather than buying them from the stores so be creative and exploit the opportunity to unleash your creative potential together with your family. Get involved with the various demeanors of an honest portrayal of intentions through this endeavor. Get along with your kids to shop for the various raw materials that you would need to make the crafts it is also important that you involve the kids in knowing what goes in the making of the crafts. Wearing thanksgiving hats is one of the most celebrated customs in the new age and if you refrain to buy one to make one then you have proved to yourself that you are worthy of having a brain which can be put to use and not only controlled by advertisements. So in discovering this potential lies your motivation to become one with the divine whose grace on our souls is celebrated through the medium of thanksgiving. Make your own cards and other thanksgiving related decorations and dwell on your abilities to make it a fun affair for everyone as much it is for your own self. Have all the preparations in place and make your heights transform through your efforts and you will get your rewards. A turkey hat has essentially become a thanksgiving norm over the years and when questioned about the various intricacies in making one, no one really has an answer as people prefer to buy one instead. It is important that you believe that you would be able to make the cap by yourself and chase it with best of your intention as you would think that it probably might not turn out the way you want it to be. Below are the list of things that you would need to make a turkey hat at home.

Things Required to make a Turkey Hat:

  • Construction Paper
  • Paper Cups
  • Glue
  • Small Tacks
  • Lid
  • Elastic Cord
  • Marker

Method of Design:

You need to cut the construction paper in such a way that it fits your head and it will cover the entire space in a perfect manner so that you do not have to adjust the size again and again. It is also important that you do not require to keep going through it again and again. It is best understood that when you have the size that covers your head you have found a perfect size and then you can stick it with the help of the glue. Cover the top portion of your head with a fold that seems to be right and you do not have to wonder over the same principles of sizing again and again. When you are through with the basic structure of the hat then you have to add little features to the cap that will make it have a thanksgiving touch to it. You can cut little circles for the body and the head of the turkey off paper of different colors. When you touch the various levels of anxiety as you are making the crafts remember that you are after making your turkey hat look like the ones you get in the stores. It is really important that you believe in yourself and your own creative potential. When you are ready with the little turkey birds you can stick it on the hat with the circle of the body first then the face on it with two holes for eyes made with the help of punching machine. It is for you to decide whether the dimensions make sense to you or not.

Cut little triangles to form the beaks of the bird and then fix it to the faces of the various little turkeys and then you will have a great turkey hat. Cut little pieces of paper, of various colors that will make up for feathers and you will have a well decorated turkey hat for yourself. Remember when making it for kids, not using pins is a compulsion and you can choose to stick rather than pin the paper together. And remember the only difference between your hat and your kids’ hat would be the difference of the fundamental hat that houses the various designs of the birds on it.

Turkey Napkin Holders

Thanksgiving and turkey have a lot going on in common since a lot of time and people do not really know what this connection actually symbolizes. It actually symbolizes the land of America and was made a part of the national celebration eventually. So, basically you have to assume the attitude of celebration and not otherwise, and it is difficult for one to be not being able to make the most of the opportunity. And when things happen, which are uncalled for in the first place then one is tested to the their very boundary of their frame of reference. And it is important to have a strong and sound support system in place if one has to get through the different difficulties in life through a happy passage one after another. And once it is clear to you that no one has the right to deny any other person their right to happiness, then you become your clarity and you are self-guided always finding the cure for the injuries that we are born with as a human being, flawed in our understanding without us knowing it. It is also important that one does not confuse the reality with the hallucinations and develop love for the changes that the hallucinations bring.

And to sit and make turkey napkin holders is a difficult decision to take and you have to be ready to fight the fleet of boredom and its cousins. To be able to achieve what you have sought it is very important to be able to visualize what you are aiming to attempt. And after all you have a choice to make to sit through the craft and make one with you and your kids involved in a conscious process of developing something valuable and viable, and in the meanwhile you can also ask your friends and family to be a part of your craft building group. Turkey napkin rings will hold the napkins together and it will also enable a lot of positive reflections about what you have to do in life and how you plan to go about it. If you want to make your house beautiful you can buy the most brilliant turkey napkin holder available in the market, and you will certainly find one. If you have to get closer to the reality then you have to move away from the perceptions as perceptions dissolve eventually into reality, which is not a sentence that can be related to but experienced. And if you are clear with your goal being happiness then you can hang all the unnecessary elements that hinder your happiness to death.

Things Needed to make Turkey Napkin Holders:

  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft knife
  • A colorful poster board
  • Glue stick
  • 5 by 7 inch board

Design of Turkey Napkin Holders:

Once you have the poster board you have to cut the different shapes out of it, you have to cut the head of the turkey out of the poster board, and also the feet shape of the bird out of the board. Once you are ready with the different shapes that you have to fit in the puzzle of making a turkey napkin holder you would be left with a 2 by 7 portion of the poster board. You have to use this remaining portion of the cardboard for making the turkey napkin holders. Using a craft knife you can administer two cuts into the cardboard for wings and have it retain the shape. Now you have to curl the cardboard over its other end with the help of something that will be used to form a designated shape, you can use a rolling pin or you can use anything of that sort, and you will have a brighter picture of how things will turn out to be in the end. Curl the cardboard and overlap the ends and secure it with double sided tape.

Use glue stick to attach two googly eyes on to the enveloped cardboard, and then you have to make it complete with the help of your craftiness. You will have a turkey that will refuse to be bogged down and its presence will be felt in all the corners of the house. You simply have to fold the napkin into a conventional fold and then you have what you need. You just need to tuck the folded napkin into the holder and you have it with you.

Use a glue stick to attach 2 googly eyes, a red paper wattle, and a yellow paper beak. To adorn each mini tom with fancy feathers, simply fold a colorful napkin in accordion style and tuck it inside the ring. And you have your turkey napkin holders ready in place for decoration.

Turkey Napkin Rings

The different techniques to make thanksgiving a happy event you have to cut across the various difficulties in order to do so and you cannot help but reason the various limitations of your own mind into doing good and refrain from letting the opportunity to be a better man go. And once you are done with the various possibilities of going wrong and refusing to go wrong then you can help yourself with tremendous amount of energy utilized only for the good of others. You have to be prepared to go through the different trials of figuring the way out to make happiness a reality and you can also try to make life out of miseries by sulking and be a refuge of death in this world which is alive. Also you have to discover new ways of finding the pieces for solving the relativity of each of your experiences into an ultimate whole. When you are aware of the different analogies of pluralism of the mind, that is when it fails to relate each experience to the whole then it separates itself from the sustenance of living a life in truth rather than falling for a sophomoric reality.

Turkey is symbolically related to thanksgiving in more ways than one and it has to be dealt with in more ways than just cooking it for the sumptuous meal. Turkey as a thanksgiving symbol has been a part of thanksgiving celebrations since late 19th century and it has been around since then, being incorporated into the different traditions unconventionally and read about in each home in their own way. When you are dissolved in the absolute your presence in the environment will bask the radiance of the natural possession of every being and the oneness that all religions and mystics talk about, its merely a feeling of infinite love that gives everyone the strength to live and to carry on, to be activated, this is but the primal energy that all beings are made of and fuel for travel towards the source of it all. And thanksgiving is the little gesture of life towards the greatness of our vast expanse as human beings, of which we are a part of and are never separated from it, but drifted into thinking nothing more.

When you sit down to make crafts with your kids you can be involved in the various fun activities that will liberate you from your boredom and free you from your boredom, it is also important that you get across the opportunities in a way that you wouldn’t recognize the downfall of failing in an attempt to do good. Once you are happy within yourself then you can probably think of distributing happiness to others. Once you are convinced that you can get through the different inconveniences in life bracing the the right and the wrong then you can move ahead with your chin parallel to the ground. Making turkey napkin rings do not account for a lot of difficulties to your physical and mental capacity, and they are easily made with few dedicated hands working with each other to create the perfect fit. And once people are ready to move with the flow of the river of life, we will see the true colors of life in its total brilliance where the water of divinity will touch and help every soul grow to the sky. And the roots of our beginning is tied to the endless as we eventually follow the path of never ending.

Things Required:

  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Acrylic paints
  • Flat wooden spoons
  • Paper towel tube
  • Red Felt

The Design:

When you are with the demagogic tendencies of making celebrations you have to guard your own intolerance in order to be protected in your own regard. It is the different paper-cuts of emotions that stop us from delivering the required in our world and then what we have is the different alliterations of the non-harmonious. And when you are in the middle of accumulating the various things required to get the craft together you should feel that you are working towards completing a project. You need 5 craft spoons for making the turkey, and you have to color each one of them for getting the different parts of the body in place. And then you have to color the spoons, color one spoon in yellow for the head and then color the rest in various other colors as feathers for the tail. Then you have to attach the four spoons in different ways to form the tail. For the body of the turkey you have to cut a two inch section into the cardboard paper towel tube and the yellow colored spoon for its head. You have to arrange the pipe-cleaners in a way so as to create 3 toed feet which is necessary for making the bird look like turkey.

Use the marker to mark the eyes on the turkey and you will have a turkey ready in front of you that has a face and that can smile if you wish to or can enact the expression you mark. Add the wattle to it made out of felt and preferably of color red. Then you can add impressions pertaining to your state of mind and make it shine through your efforts. Once you are done with the various parts of the body, stick the spoon that is to be the head, insert it from the section that you have cut in the beginning. Now you have to stick the various spoons in the form of feathers at the back of the turkey and make it look like feathers. This is the end of turkey napkin rings and you are free from one of the decoration responsibility.

Turkey Nut Holder

Turkey Nut holders can really invigorate the thanksgiving spirit in the various moods as you create them and as you plan the different settings for you to have fun and act as an active method of participation in recreational methods. It is also important to have a common platform for everyone to have fun together on a platform of love and happiness. It is also important that you do not let the various sections of your brain function independently and that you integrate them into a pattern of developing a new holistic way of life. It is important that you do not bring your work home during thanksgiving and give your family all the time that they need and get them into the free state of emotional zone where they can express themselves creatively in a way that they will enjoy it and learn from it along the way. Turkey influences many of the thanksgiving crafts and they call for attention of the everyone into the thanksgiving mood, as they are intrinsically connected to the theme of celebrating the thanksgiving spirit. When different people within the circle of family and friends gather round and converge to the point of happiness then they encounter a space that is created by them, and which is filled with love enveloped in the silence of the mind.

When you sit around together to make crafts for thanksgiving it is like a promise upholding the fidelity to God and his children who are none but us. In this fight against ourselves we get many an innocent strangers involved and it is important to forgive them all in order to forgive our selves and to move on in life. It is significantly stimulating to the heart the silence in love and in a serene state of lack of artificial emotions. It is also important that you do not let others enter the space of freedom you have for yourself with their worries and instead it is your turn to enter their space with the candles of hope. It is important that you let the light of purity in your heart take over your surrounding and in that way you help your loved ones the best way you can. It is also important that you believe the fundamental prowess of love over hate, and truth over lies. Turkey nut holder can be made by you and used for decorating your house and it will set you free of your expectations. It is important that you do not let the demons of hopelessness and angst enter your range to see and it is better to keep them away all your life. Thanksgiving is a festival where you have various opportunities to bring the various inconvenient experiences through perception to healing on its way out.

Whenever you are in control of something you are risking all that you are in control of, so it is important to not hold on to anything that stays. When you are in a sphere of making right seem the only way then you have strayed, for right lies in acknowledging the possibilities only with an intention to rise. It is important that you do not let the echoes of disbelief over your own self overpower you as you make an endeavor of uplifting humanity through your self. And as you get down to the business of making turkey nut holder then you have to have following items with you :-

  • White paper
  • Egg carton
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Toothpicks
  • Colored feathers
  • Glue Stick
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • knife
  • Pair of scissors
  • Different colored markers

Methods of designing:

You have to form a cut on one of the cups over the egg carton and cut through the line in a manner that you do protect the future prospect of the carton to be made into a nut holder. Then once you have the opening ready for the nuts to stay in place then you have to color the carton up with the various thanksgiving themed colors to make it look glorified and then you have to make it really convincing for yourself that you are on the right path of attaining your goal of getting it ready. Paint the cup well with total regard for the various shapes and dimensions. Now you have to get the ends of the pipe cleaner together and form the handle of a basket so that they stick together to the ends of the egg carton and do not slip by and it holds up the weight of the elements. It is very important that you recognize the gravity element along with the total weight of all the nuts that would be placed in the nut holder and accordingly decide the strength of the material used for hanging the nut holder. You have to make a turkey for it to be a turkey nut holder, and you can make a turkey out of paper that is slightly stronger than regular paper used for writing.

Now you have to put the wire through the beak of the turkey and then you can take your finger off the trigger of anxiety and be free as you have a turkey ready (see how to get a turkey made in our website), it is also important that you do not let the various concerns of going wrong with the craft bother the process of making the craft. To keep the wattle from slipping down you need to insert the right amount of wire through the bird and bend the inserted wire at the end. Now your turkey nut holder is ready, sturdy as you want it to be and ready to handle the weight of the nuts and most importantly with a turkey hat.

Turkey Pinata


As you crawl up the various ladder of faith you actually slip deep down the valley of devotion where there is hope for comfort, and darkness surrounds the light, and the light of hope can bring many an angel to their knees and show them the righteous will of human that is in direct contact with the Lord Supreme. If you do not wish to speak for yourself through your decoration then you can choose to borrow design from the magazines or television, but if you want to put something of your own into the celebration then you have to select the theme of your choice and work towards making it aggrandize the essence of the whole festival according to your understanding. It is also important that you get within the various interfaces of your imagination cutting through the various gaps with the possibility of anything gathering in the foreground. When you are ready to dwell in the concept of making crafts that uplift the level of experience of time spent with your family and when you do so the various great experience that will unfold in front of your eyes will beckon to you many an opportunity into the true nature of reality as a by product, unknowingly.
When you direct the flow of thoughts from buying to making then you start a process that will open your intellect to deal with the various insecurities that are interconnected to living and you can integrate this understanding to your life. Then you come closer to the various things that you would be doing freely which otherwise gets trapped and buried underneath the expectations of the government from you to buy stuff and dumb yourself down to being a helpless puppet who is incapable of living if not controlled. So, deny your easy understanding and don’t let it capture your thought processes as you are set out to achieve what you envision. Turkey Pinata are crafts that set the thanksgiving delight on fire and they make your home look like an atmosphere you have created to express the beauty present in our heart. And as you begin with the various decorations you can encounter the various depths in your relationship with your children and it can turn into a learning experience for both of you. It is important to have the prototype of the Turkey Pinata you want your household to adorn and it can be terrific as you choose to develop a harmonic relationship with the experiential beauty that unfolds as you develop interest in decorating your home with your efforts.

It is important that you get all the things you need in line before you start with the decorations as you would not want to start looking for things once you have the things you need in place. You need following things to make a Turkey Pinata –

  • Papier Mache
  • Pair of scissors
  • Balloon of 14 inch in size
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Balloon of nine inch in size
  • A red balloon not inflated
  • Glue
  • Cloth Tape
  • Marker
  • Stapler
  • White Paper
  • String
  • 2 page spread of newspaper
  • 2 page spread of comics
  • 2 page spread of newsprint
  • Cloth tape


There are too many designs to get hold of, and we have a simpler one listed here. It is important that you get to the other-side of the view to get a better perspective. And you will see the turkey pinata become the apple of your eye. The design is distributed in various designs –


You have to mix a batch of papier-mache and let it be, now you have to place the balloon of size 14inch on a bowl that has the diameter of 10 inch. Then you have to spread the two-paged newspaper over the balloon after you have dragged it through the paste and then you have to repeat the procedure in different angle and then again through a different angle. Let the paper slightly overlap each other and leave 2 inch space on the top for the candy to be put. Wipe the excess paste off the paper with your hand and then put it back on the bowl so that you have it refrigerated. If you see it drying out then you got to add a little amount of warm water and then it can be put for refrigeration.


Wrap the string underneath the balloon and draw it upwards towards the top up to 6 inches over the balloon, where the square opening has been made. Now you have to cover the balloon with the two sided page of comic strips in threes and also overlap it in the way you have stuck newspapers over it with the same procedure of running it through the mache. It is important that you stick the plain newsprints over it after spreading the paste over it. Remember to stick the thread on the various cross-section of the balloon with the help of a tape. It is important that you begin with your eyes set on making it look beautiful and try to smoothen the rough edges as you continue sticking them.


Once the paste underneath the paper over the bigger balloon has dried you have to start with the head and then carry on with the design. Stick the little balloon over the wider side of the pinata body and stick it with a cloth tape to make it stay at its place. To make the eyes specific to the design you have to cut out two circles from the white paper and draw pupils on them with a black marker and you will have the eyes on their place, right on the head. It is true that you can make it look like a crazy pinata with its eyes squint. So you can make the changes as you witness them coming through your head. Now you have to make a triangle shaped out of your head of the size you think will form a perfect fit, cut a triangle out of yellow construction paper. It is important that you do not let the configuration of a dead turkey pinata let you down, you can always set your theme according to your liking, you can have your theme based on darkness or light, after all it is just a color.

The rest of the body:-

The legs and the feathers are next to be made. The legs can be made with the help of construction paper and then you can make the feathers with the help of tissue papers folded into each other into a continuous pattern and thus achieve the fringes through folding the tissue papers craftily. Fringe each strips with the help of cutting through slits set apart and make it look feathery. Now add glue to the uncut sides of the feathers and stick it to the pinata.


You just have to overlap three layers of tissue paper over each other so that the three colors are visible, and then you can fold the layers into half so that five colors are visible. Fold the accumulated papers lengthwise according to the vision of your styling and then curl it up to make it a singular looking tail and then attach it to the hind of the pinata and you have your turkey pinata ready.

Wrapped Rings

During thanksgiving celebrations it is important that you do not bend your schedule over finishing your professional analogues and rather try and connect to the different opportunities to connect to your family in new and better ways. After all you will have a probability of thinking about what you could have done after you are through with the time in hand. So, it is better to give it your best shot, and try and not reconcile with the hopeless and let the bridge be burned on its own. Making thanksgiving crafts have been a way of transcending the ordinary ways of killing time through video games and television and rather be a part of a more holistic creative process. Thanksgiving crafts are an amazing way of making the crafts through clubbing simple decoration techniques with a great result. After one has made a choice of spending all their time with their family he has to stick by the various time consuming efforts that the preparation of a festival demands. And there is no limit to how much can one do or to how much one has to do, it all relies on one’s commitment to celebrate the festival.

The thanksgiving date is an opportunity for working parents to spend time with their children and make some crafts with help from the little hands. It is important you do not let the various considerations of a construed reality bother your prospects of reach your goal. The thanksgiving wrapped rings look extremely good and good enough to be bought from outside, but one can make really good looking rings out of the various techniques given below. Once you are clear with the designing technique then you can present the idea to the kids and they will be clear about their objectives and they will be able to help the different causes of completing their objective. Curious enough to be ready with their cute little hands and on their freshly developed legs, they will stare at you for you to instruct them to do their job. It is also crucial that you get the things that you need in advance and you are well prepared to get the craft ready. When you are ready to dive deep into the sea then you get pearls out of the sea and get the benefits of your efforts and nothing else.

Things you need to make Wrapped Rings:

  • You need 20 gauge artistic wire
  • Beads (You can have your choice of beads, and of the shape that you want)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Plastic Mallet
  • A Mandrel(preferably a ring mandrel)


Cut a good amount of wire, roundabout 30 inches in length and you have to bend both the ends of the wire against the bead so that the bead stays in its place. And the bead has to be in its place so that it does not get separated from the wire at any cost. Because people might involve all kinds of luxurious details to their rings and they would want to make it a special treat for themselves. It is also important that you attach the bead thoroughly so that it retains its shape after its worn and does not shift its shape with the wear and tear. On the mandrel you have to place the shape of the ring one bigger than the one you choose to have as your size, now you have to begin with the coiling of the wire, and as you do so you will have to hold the wire parallel as it enters the mandrel. Now you have to bring the ends of the wire together and insert it into the bead, and then you will have a clear vision about what you have to make with your craft. Be careful with the arrangement of ends of the wires on the beads as they define the appeal of the rings that you are making. Once you are done with the different perceptions of making a ring and not how the ring would look like, it is important that you recognize the possibility of drawing an eye to the the weaknesses in your own thoughts.

If you want to complicate the design and add little beads to the wire gauge as well then you can add your own intelligence to your ring design by adding beads which are smaller than 1 unit of the ring measure. Now you have the extra metal wire to form a coil and have it arranged so it is important that you help yourself with scissors that will help you cut the extra portion that your ring can do without, it is important that you recognize the different possibilities of you underestimating your own credibility as a craftsmen as you might fail once or twice with your efforts. It is important for you to recognize your ability to push yourself towards what’s right. And once you are well versed with the various opportunities of making a successful craft then you can bend your will to make it right. What you have to do now is that you have to hammer the ring through a plastic mallet and then you can have the ring in the position you desire, holding up the shape that it requires to. And as you hammer the ring with the help of the hammer, the wire gauges that are wound together will be hardened as you hit the ring with through the mallet, and once you are ready with the ring then you can hit it accordingly to have the size of your liking. It is important that you do recognize that the ring got stronger without you really harming it. And voila we have wrapped rings ready, as many as you choose to make, inheriting your own design.