Magic Leaf Drawing

Magic Leaf Drawing

The magic leaf drawing is a very creative and fun activity which is a part of the thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very different and unique occasion than the other occasions. It is celebrated, in order to thank the people whom you think have been helpful to you at point of stage at anytime during the year.


The Thanksgiving Day is observed in the month of November, on the fourth Friday. From a long period of time, most of the countries observe the Thanksgiving Day as a National holiday. On this day, people visit each other to thank them and show gratitude towards them. The most commonly practiced way of showing gratitude towards the other person is by gifting presents.

Presents being an attraction during Thanksgiving, the market places can be seen decorated and filled with a variety of gifts you can present others, while some people believe in making Thanksgiving gifts at home itself.

The fact can’t be denied that the gifts which are prepared at home itself express more love and affection to the person who receives it. So if you are creative enough and have a wild imagination, you must try your hands at making Thanksgiving gifts at home. Specially for the kids, this a real fun activity where they can prepare Thanksgiving craft items. They are the easiest and loved by all homemade gifts for Thanksgiving. Various options are available to prepare gifts at home. Some of the options are mentioned below.

Thanksgiving homemade gifts:


  • Hat made out of turkey
  • Thanksgiving greeting cards
  • Thanksgiving scrapbooks
  • Homemade hats
  • Self customized t-shirts
  • Tree for thanksgiving
  • Magic leaf drawing
  • Thanksgiving paper plate turkey with messages
  • Book shelf for thanksgiving
  • Paper cut wall hangings
  • Thick cardboard photo frames

There are more such creative ideas you could opt for. Making such creative Thanksgiving craft items is not too expensive as well. They are very attractive and can be displayed at home as well. Also, you must make sure that the gift you present for Thanksgiving should not be dull or very simple one. The receiver must like the gift or else your efforts may not be appreciated.

One the above mentioned Thanksgiving homemade gift that is commonly made by people is the magic leaf drawing. It is a very simple and creative idea. It will surely be loved by the person whom you gift it to.

Guide for designing magic leaf:

In order to prepare the magic leaf drawing, you must be aware about the material that is required and the procedure that should be followed to make it. It is described below.

Material required-

  • Any colored crayons
  • White colored paper
  • An artificial or a real leaf (Avoid taking a leaf that is too big)

Procedure to be followed-

  1. The basic method is taking a plain surface or a table on which you need to place the leaf. Make sure that the leaf is not folded anywhere.
  2. Take the plain white paper and place it on the leaf. The white paper should be bigger that the leaf.
  3. Draw the impression of the leaf on the paper using the crayon of your choice. See to it that the veins on the leaves are properly visible in order to recognize it clearly as a leaf.
  4. Once you are done with the coloring part, cut out the extra part of paper that you can see around the paper leaf.
  5. Give it the exact shape of leaf and you are done with the magic leaf drawing!

One can present the magic leaf drawing gift on the Thanksgiving Day by writing nice message about the receiver behind the leaf. Another way to present the leaf would be by attaching the leaf to a rose or some other flower that you could make at home using colorful ribbons. It is a great idea of gifting a Thanksgiving craft showpiece.

Color Place Cards

Color Place Cards

Color place cards are a fun part of Thanksgiving. They help you make the table look pretty and they also guide your guests well. This helps you maintain some organization at the big Thanksgiving feast. There are so many ways to make color place cards that you may just not run out of options!

We will give you some ideas for making color place cards but first, let us start with something for the kids! These place cards are the hand place cards and we can call them the Thanksgiving hands place cards. Follow these steps to have a fun and creative session with your kids:

Get yourself some tools ready as we make these color place cards. Don’t worry; all that you need might be in your house already! Grab hold of a pair of scissors, a pencil and some colors. You may use glitter pens or glitter glues too. You may even paint these cards with water color if you like or just color them with crayons. Now you need a base to color on! Grab a heavyweight A4 sized paper or you may pick a card stock paper too. Now, on with the process!

  • Give each of your children a pencil and a paper. Ask everyone to place one of their hands on the paper and use the pencil to draw around the border of the hand. Make sure that their fingers are widely apart. If your kids are really young, you may even slowly demonstrate how to draw around the hand. They must trace between and around each finger. Be sure to trace until just below their wrist joints. 
  • In the above step, the wrist joint that you traced will be beneficial to make a stand. Ensure that you use the heaviest paper available. Now ask the kids to lift their hands back. Begin drawing a small rectangle in the center of the hand. This is the palm section. This rectangle will be used to write the name of the guest. Use a thick marker in a color of your choice to trace and make the rectangle bolder. You may even use glitter glues to do this. If you do choose to use glitter glue, ensure that you provide enough time for the glitter glue to dry up.
  • Distribute the crayons and colors amongst the children. Ask them to color the hands ask if it were a turkey. You can use the thumb as the head of the turkey and draw in an eye and a beak. Use the fingers as the feathers of the turkey. Allow the children to be as colorful as they want. The children must also color around the box but not inside it.
  • At the section, where the palm just ends, ask your children to draw turkey legs.
  • Use safety tip scissors and cut out each hand and the additional wrist section. You may even allow your kids to cut some of these out but be sure to keep them under constant supervision. If you fear that this might be dangerous, cut all of the color place cards yourself. Once you have cut them out, fill the guests name in the box. Allow your kids to write the names of the guests, they would enjoy doing it!
  • The cards are now ready; all you have to do is make them stand up. This is the reason why you have to choose a heavy paper. This way the paper will be able to stand up on its own once you have folded it. You remember the extra wrist section that we kept? It is time to use it now! Start a fold just after the turkey’s leg. This fold should be made in a backward direction. This fold will work as the base stand. Place this on your table and your color place cards are ready!

There are so many simple ideas that you can put to use when it comes to color place cards. You may draw an actual turkey, color it up and use a similar technique with the stand. You may draw pumpkins, eggs, acorn and so much more. All of this will spruce up your Thanksgiving and make sure that the kids are fully involved.

Fall Letterheads

Fall Letterheads

Fall letterheads make very nice invitations for Thanksgiving. These letterheads not only tell us about Thanksgiving, but they also send us a gentle reminder about the weather that surrounds this festive time. However, choosing a good fall letterhead is not the only thing that is important. The things that you write on your invitations are even more important.

Thanksgiving is an occasion meant for a celebration as our devoted thank you to the Lord. It is a time when you thank everyone who has ever done any good deed for us. We celebrate this time with our friends and family. It is very important to make a good impression. After all, Thanksgiving is not just about having dinner on a table with 10 other people!

You are ready to choose your fall letterheads after you have decided upon the menu that you would like to have for Thanksgiving. Before you choose the letterheads, it is also very important that you choose your decorations and dinner table settings. Once you have your decisions made, you are ready to proceed with the invitations.

It is time for you to choose a fall letterhead for your invitation. You can log in to your browser and search for these, be assured, you will get many! You may choose one with a border of leaves in all four sides or just on the top. There are a lot of patterns available for you to choose from. Have them printed out or ordered and you are ready to make your invitation. Consider the following points when you put these letter heads to use:

  • The size of your paper is very important. A standard sized paper is an A4 paper which is normally 8.5 inches by 11 inches. But you may choose other sizes of paper like a B5 which is 7.5 inches by 10.2 inches. Customize your letterheads according to the size of the paper.
  • Choosing a picture can never go out of fashion! The love for pictures just never ends, especially with children. Feel free to add in a small picture of a turkey or a pumpkin if that invitation is going to be addressed to small children.
  • Decide upon the style of the invitation. Choose whether you want to host a formal or an informal party and write the wordings on your invitation accordingly.
  • It is always a good idea to write a good opening line. You may use quotes by famous people or a simple Happy Thanksgiving could suffice. If the dinner is not going to be very formal, you may use a funny line on your invitation. A line like this said by George Carlin could do well, “We’re having something a little different this year for Thanksgiving. Instead of a turkey, we’re having a swan. You get more stuffing.” You could extract verses from the Bible for a more formal setting.
  • Colors and graphics can play a very important role on a Thanksgiving letter head. Ideally, choose a color of the letterhead that would compliment your table settings.
  • When you make your invitation on the letter head, some information is really essential whereas some can be skipped. Whatever kind of letterhead or size of paper you choose, don’t forget to include the following in your invitation:
    • Who are you inviting to the dinner? Mention the name of the guest and whether you are inviting him alone or his family or if he is allowed to bring a plus 1.
    • What is the occasion? Remember to tell them that it is for Thanksgiving dinner and where you would be conducting it.
    • Even if Thanksgiving maybe on the 4th Thursday of every November, don’t forget to mention the date in your invite. Put in the time that the dinner would commence and the latest arrival that you would expect.
    • If you have any specific theme to your dinner party, do mention that on the invitation. For instance, if it is a black and white party, or if you would like them to bring a bottle of wine or if it is a bow tie party. Whatever instructions you would like them to follow, mention it in there!
    • Don’t forget to write in your name, address and contact number on the invitation.
    • If you would like them to RSVP, mention this in the invitation too!


Ear of Corn Place Card

Ear of Corn Place Card

Ear of corn place card bring in a great feeling of Thanksgiving. This is a fun to make activity and you can easily involve your children while you make these inexpensive but pretty place cards.

To make the ear of corn place cards you can simply follow the steps below:

The assembly:

  • You will require a good base to make these place cards. So our suggestion to you is to grab on to the heaviest paper that you can find. Make sure that the paper is thin enough to be cut through by a scissor. It is also important that the paper is pliable. You will require two colors of heavy paper out of which one must be green and the other will be a background color of your choice. You may substitute heavy weighted construction paper with cardstock.
  • You will require a spoonful of popping corn for each ear of corn place card that you want to make. This popping corn must be unpopped.
  • A pair of scissors ( safety round tip scissors if working with children)
  • A ruler
  • Glue
  • Pencil or a pen

Once you have everything you need at place, it is time you put on your creativity hats!

The procedure:

  • Place your construction paper on a flat surface. This is the paper that you want to use as the background of your place cards. This must not be green. You can choose vivid colors like red or yellow. If you wish, you may even go in for a black background. With the help of a ruler and a pencil, draw a rectangle from this background construction paper. The dimensions of the rectangle must be measuring 5 inches by 6 inches. Use the safety scissors and cut this rectangle out.
  • Fold this rectangle along its length into half. The new rectangle should measure 5 inches by 3 inches. Open the fold slightly and place on a flat surface. This is the place card. Open the rectangle back again completely.
  • Take a small piece of the green colored heavy construction paper and fold it into half. Draw out an oval on this paper. When you draw the oval, make sure that you draw pointed ends on it. It should resemble the silhouette of an ear of a corn. The oval should be about 3 inches long by one and a half inches wide. Now cut this out with the help of a scissor. You should have two cut out of the corn. Take one of the ovals and cut it into half lengthwise.
  • Take the whole green oval and stick it on top of the place card that you had previously cut out. Stick this oval half an inch above the bottom of the paper.
  • Spread some glue on this green colored oval paper but keep it away from the border of the oval. For better safety, apply the glue at least 1/4th inch away from the border. Use enough glue and spread it in such a way that you have an oval of glue inside the green oval.
  • Grab onto the unppopped corn kernels and place them on the glue. Sprinkle them if you like. If you want a more realistic look, place each corn kernel one after the other in an orderly manner, just like it is inside an actual ear of a corn. Don’t be afraid to push the corn inside the glue!
  • The following two steps must be done quickly as you do not want the glue to dry up. Draw a line of glue on both the sides of the green oval, along the bottom half and the top half. Do this halfway along the length of the oval.
  • Take the two halves of the green oval and place it on top of the glued lines. Imagine these two halves to be the husks of the ear of a corn. Place both these ovals in such a way that they form a ‘v’ shape at the stem of the corn. Let the guests have a peek into the corn and be able to see some of the kernels. The rest of the oval will stick over the glued corn.
  • Give the glue, enough time to dry. This should be done overnight. If you do not let the glue dry completely, it may start leaking downwards.
  • Simply write the name of your guest on the place card and place this ear of corn place cards on the table.

Ear of corn place cards are ready and will match you table very well. Your children must already be very happy to have helped you with the decoration and they might even be ready to show off! Have a merry Thanksgiving with your own, inexpensive place cards!

String of Leaves

String of Leaves

A string of leaves can be used to decorate the whole house. You can use a string of leaves in a variety of locations. This can be especially useful during Thanksgiving as the autumn leaves can remind you of the Thanksgiving weather.


Thanksgiving is a time to thank the pilgrims and the season of harvest, hoping for even better joys to come. This is the time that we celebrate all the good things that happen and the good deed that others have made mercy upon us. It is a good time to celebrate and decorate your house. A string of leaves can help do just the same.

Follow the below instructions and you will make a beautiful string of leaves. First, let us guide you through the materials required to make this string. These materials are easily available at your local stores, in fact, you need not go out to buy them; you might already have these at your home. Gather the following and we are good to go:

  • Different colors of construction papers will be needed. The leaves would be made from this. Depending upon the kind of string of leaves you need, you may choose the colors of the paper accordingly. Since it is Thanksgiving, an autumn theme would be ideal. You may choose colors like red, orange, brown, yellow, brown yellow and other earthy shades. If you do not want to follow the autumn theme, you may want to make these leaves bright. You can choose different shades of green for this.
  • A set of crayons or pens or markers.
  • A pair of round-tip safety scissors.
  • Tape, staple or glue.
  • A string. The length of the string will depend up the decoration that you want to make. Choose between a shade of green or yellow for the string as this will act as the stem.
  • This one is optional, but would be good for accuracy and neatness. Use leaf shaped stencils. You may also use multiple shapes of leaves in the stencils. Let us get to the making of the entire string of leaves. Here, we are making it in an autumn theme, so we are using the earthen shades as mentioned above.
  • Spread out the construction paper on your work table and draw a leaf on it with the help of a pencil and the stencils. Draw as many leaves as required, according to the length of the string that you have chosen to use. When you draw the leaves, it is very important that you draw a longer stem.
  • Cut out each individual leaf with the help of a pair of safety round-tip scissors.
  • Take colored pens or crayons and draw veins on each leaf to make it look more realistic. Use proper shades for the veins with each leaf. You do not want to show a yellow, completely dried leaf with bright green veins!
  • Remember that we told you to leave an excess at the stem? That is what we will put to use now. Fold the stem into half and open it back up. By doing so, the leaves will have a flatter stem, will be easier to handle and will not fluff up at the stem. Take the string and place the stem over the string. Fold the stem again over the string and use glue or staples to stick both side of the stem together.
  • Place all the leaves according to the pattern you have in mind and stick them one by one.

Your beautiful string of leaves is now ready! Hang it over the doors or windows or even outside. You can hang these inside your house or even use it around the dinner table! Just be innovative and have fun with it! Decorate the house and celebrate this beautiful occasion with your loved ones.

Pop Up Place Cards

Pop Up Place Cards

Pop up place cards have been a favorite craft for kids for years. Your kid will enjoy doing this activity and besides, even you would love to welcome guests into a Thanksgiving atmosphere. The cards can help you create a Thanksgiving theme with a lot of ease.

Pop up place cards are very simple to make and there is just so much to experiment with! First, we will provide you instructions to make these pop up place cards and then provide you some ideas for them. There on, you can go ahead and explore your creativity and come up with even more ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Let us start with making a simple pop up place card. This card is the most basic card that you can place on the dinner table. The steps to make this card are as follows:


  • Take a plain sheet of paper and draw 4 small rectangles on it which will divide the page in 4 parts. Each rectangle should measure 3.5 inches by 4 inches. The number of rectangles can vary according to the number of cards that you wish to make out of one sheet of paper and according to the size of card that you want. The sheet of paper that you use must be thick enough to stand when folded. Preferably, you may use a 110 lb card stock.
  • Now, draw different images (example, a pumpkin) on each of these rectangles and color them. Draw these images according to where you would like them to pop up form. You may draw it to the upper left corner, upper right corner or in the center. Leave some space below the images to write the guest’s name.
  • Color each of these images that you have drawn and cut out each individual rectangle with the help of a scissor.
  • Now, carefully use a craft knife to cut around the upper half of the image. Do not cut around the entire image as you want to keep it connected to the card.
  • Now carefully fold the pop up place card into half without folding the image. Make this stand on your table with your guests’ name on it and you are ready!

We told you that it is simple! The pumpkin was just an example of the images that you can draw. In order to stick to the Thanksgiving theme, you can draw a variety of images. Some of them can include, the scarecrow form the wizard of oz, a goofy turkey, a few maple leaves, autumn, a tall cornstalk, an array of little happy kids, an acorn, the full moon, a wheat field and many such images.

You may even cover the entire top portion of your pop up place card and cut according to the design. This way you could paint up the top like an entire wheat field or garden of grass with flowers, a pumpkin field or anything else that you like! If you want to paint the bottom of the pop up place card, what will you make pop up? Here is an idea, a field can be painted at the bottom and you may make Dorothy’s scarecrow pop up. There is so much more that you can do with pop up place cards. Don’t forget to put your guest name on it though!

If you do not want to draw and color the images on the pop up cards, you can always have them printed out. When using a printer, be sure to use the thickest paper that your printer can work with. There are numbers of software available with which you can size, enhance and place the images and rectangles.

Another idea that you can use to make the pop up place cards livelier is to use foam on the cards. All the steps for this are the same, with just a few additions. After you have your pictures in place, take another sheet of paper (thickness does not matter), make another picture which is exactly the same and has the same dimensions. For example, if you want to make a card with a pop up acorn, you must take the second sheet, and make another acorn of the exact same size. Now, cut out the entire acorn from the second sheet. Place it on top of a foam sheet and cut the foam sheet accordingly. Now, stick the foam acorn on top of the acorn, on your popup place card and stick the second acorn on top of it. You now have a true pop up place card!

Pop up place cards are not only used in Thanksgiving but can be used on many other occasions as well. Making pop up place cards is very easy and gives a very personalized touch to the celebration. Enjoy the occasion with your newest piece of decoration, have a happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving is associated with fun, frolic and mixed emotions- emotions of gratitude, and emotions of love. This day gives you a wonderful opportunity to express a word of thanks to all those people who have been with you in times of deep waters and who have always helped you in times of need. Don’t forget to appreciate your closed ones who have been a source of strength to you and who have faith in you. Maintain your relationships because these bonds make our life colorful and worth living. Thanksgiving games add entertainment and fun to this day, making it more special.

Adding fun to party

There are many Thanksgiving games those are fun to play with your children and friends. Since, it is the age of internet; one can play online games too. Some of the games are mentioned below.

  1. Thanksgiving outdoor games:
    Now, you rarely get a chance to go out and play outdoor games with your children in hectic schedule of yours. Don’t let this opportunity of Thanksgiving go waste. Take your kids outside and play outdoor games with them. You can play soccer, lawn tennis, tug of war, archery, fly ball, baseball, Frisbee, etc. The outdoor sports will be fun and will be endurance enhancing. These outdoor sports not only help you keep fit but also increase your concentration level and impart a feeling of self happiness. Inculcate the love for outdoor sports in your kids in early age so that when they grow up into adults, they will live a healthier and fit life.
  2. Thanksgiving indoor games:Indoor games are also a good option to consider celebrating Thanksgiving Day. You can play games at home with your kids and enjoy with them. Table tennis, chess, cards, badminton, swimming, squash, etc. are a few of indoor games that you can enjoy. You can have fun at home while playing these indoor games.
  3. Online Thanksgiving games:True, that internet has brought the world closer than ever. But, it has deprived the interest of kids into outdoor sports. So, in the age of internet, where things are available at a click of mouse, definitely there are various games to play on Thanksgiving theme. Internet offers you many options of online games that you would like to play. Turkey and dressing, Pin the Snood on the turkey game, breakout games, spot the differences, Thanksgiving Dinner Problem, turkey swap game, etc. are a few of the online Thanksgiving games. Many Thanksgiving puzzles are also available online that help in enhancing knowledge. Few of them are Toon Pilgrim Kids Jigsaw Puzzle, Toon Pilgrim Girl with Turkey Dinner Jigsaw Puzzle, 6-Piece Puzzle Wild Turkey in the Woods puzzle, 6-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, 4-piece Toddler Puzzle etc. These online games are fun to play and provide entertainment at a click of mouse.
  4. Adventurous Thanksgiving games:If you love living life on the edge and do not fear anything or rather want to get rid of your fear, then you can play some adventurous games. Do not risk your life while playing these games. Make sure there is enough security. Scuba diving, snorkeling, bungee jumping, river rafting, mountaineering, trekking, etc. are some of the adventurous games, you can treat yourself with. Your life is precious, do take necessary cautions.

Enjoy this Thanksgiving Day by indulging in some fun games and refresh your life. Do remember the purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving Day and make life beautiful for others so that this globe becomes a better place to reside.

Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving

Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most prominent days in America. The origin of the festive occasion lies in the history of the United States. Thanksgiving was a day to give back to nature because of the bountiful harvest which nature gave the first European pilgrims, who settled in the wilderness of the North America, the area people call ‘the United States’, today. It is quite veracious that without food, colonization of America and the expansion of the Anglo-Saxon race, beyond the Atlantic may not have been possible. Thanksgiving is special in many aspects. It is a day which can be celebrated by all Americans, regardless of religion or ethnicity. Thanksgiving is celebrated in United States with a lot of gusto. Decorating paper turkeys during Thanksgiving has almost become a ritual and kids in particular, enjoy doing this activity. Children decorate construction paper turkeys and showcase them on windows and walls. Decorating a construction paper turkey will allow children to enjoy the holiday mood and it is your responsibility as a parent to help them learn this art. It is a very simple activity, one which can be done by the entire family. This will not only allow you to spend time with your children, but will also allow you to bond with them and learn new traits.

There are certain things that you would need to decorate a construction paper turkey and they are as follows:

  1. A colored pencil
  2. Construction paper
  3. Glue stick or pen
  4. Tissue paper
  5. Acrylic paint
  6. Craft feathers
  7. Craft eye or black beads
  8. Foil gift wrap

Decorating a construction turkey is surely not a piece of cake. However, it is not as hard as it sounds. There are many people who may tell you otherwise, but in the 21st century, with access to the internet, you can do things which were previously thought to be hard.

Decorating a construction paper Turkey:

  1. Using a colored pencil and sketch the line drawing of turkey.
  2. You can glue feathers drawn from the construction paper to the line drawing. From the yellow paper, you need to carefully cut the feet and legs. The wattle can be cut from the construction paper, which is red in color. Glue everything that you have cut, to the construction paper turkey.
  3. If needed, you can cut more feathers from colored foil wrapping paper. The Turkey’s tail would be an ideal place to stick the feathers.
  4. You ought to cut several colored tissue papers into squares of dimensions 1X1 inches and then apply white craft glue on the cover of the recycled plastic blow. Place the end of an eraser in the middle of one of the many squares cut out and naturally wrap the colored square all around the eraser. Dip the eraser which is wrapped in tissue, in glue. The next step is to simply place the tissue which has been glued against the position of the construction paper turkey. You, then, need to ensure that the pencil is twisted. Pull up the pencil but ensure that the tissue stays glued. Fill up the body of the construction turkey till the tissue fluffs.
  5. Squeeze finger paint or acrylic on a paper plate. In order to coat the skin on neck and head of the turkey, you can ask your kids to press and hold their thumbs against the paint. If you would like to have a colored thumb print, all you need to do is to ask your children to place their thumbs over the construction paper. You would do well to continue this procedure till the turkey is completed filled in.
  6. At the tail’s end, you can place yellow, green or orange layer and glue them with craft glue.
  7. Adding a second feather layer will make the constructed turkey appear very beautiful. However, you need to ensure that the second layer’s topmost end should cover the quill and the bottom ends of the first layer.
  8. You can choose the color combinations so long as covering the tail with feathers of different colors is concerned.
  9. The turkey’s wings can be depicted by gluing feathers which are brown in color. The eyes of the turkey can be depicted by gluing beads.
  10. The last step is to cut slits of dimensions 1X1 inches at the bottom of turkey. You need to cut a 5X2 inches paper and fold it in such a way that it will make a ‘V’ shape. In order to make a stand for the turkey, you need to slide the ends of the paper you just cut into the slits.

Thanksgiving Letterheads

Thanksgiving Letterheads

Thanksgiving letterheads can give a very personalized touch to your Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving is a time of joy and a time to be thankful to everyone who we love and care about. Ever since the first Thanksgiving in 1921, Thanksgiving has been celebrated in the United States with the greatest joy! The pilgrims and the American Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving when the pilgrims learnt how to harvest corn. Thanksgiving comes on the 4th Thursday of November every year. If it were not for the Native Americans, the settlers would have never been able to survive in America. If that had not happened, The United States would not have been the way it is today!

In this thankful time, we all celebrate by having our dear ones with us. Years ago, the traditions were quite different, but today, if there is no Thanksgiving feast, we would rather not have a Thanksgiving at all! We all get busy decorating the house, making the dinner putting up a beautiful table and we also do invite all our guests home. To make this, you may drop in an e- mail or call them up, but to make this a little more personal, why not send them an invitation made on a special Thanksgiving letterhead?
There are just so many ways in which you can make an invitation on a Thanksgiving letterhead and so many designs that you can avail on the internet. If need be, you can even make one yourself. You may choose to buy the Thanksgiving letterhead from various sites online who will deliver the letterheads to your address. Another option for you is that you can avail a lot of letterheads free of cost. For getting them for free, you just have to choose a template and have copies of it printed out on a good quality A4 size paper. There are some letterheads available fort different sizes of papers available too. There are various themes available and usually depicting images of a pumpkin, a scarecrow, maple leaves, the Mayflower, the pilgrim’s hats and many others. You can even choose a fall letterhead.

Once you have your Thanksgiving letterheads in hand, it is time you made your invitation. We would suggest you to write the invitations by hand as it shows your guest that you have spent time and care in each invitation, but if you prefer to have everything printed, that would work just fine. Every invitation must be attractive but at the same time, it must have a level of sophistication and organization in it. Follow the tips given below to get beautiful and organized results:

  • To give your Thanksgiving letterheads a nice touch, you may include a famous quote in it. This quote can be from the Bible or from a famous personality. Here is an extract from the Bible that could be used for Thanksgiving:
    • “He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. What a blessing was that stillness as he brought hem safely into harbor! Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them. Let them exalt him publicly before the congregation and before the leaders of the nation.” This verse is from Psalm, chapter 107, verse 29-32.
  • You may even make it a light hearted quote like this one by Ambrose Bierce :
    • “Turkey: A large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude.”
  • When you choose a Thanksgiving letterhead, be sure that you know what you want. If you are going to have a formal dinner party, you do not want to send out an informal invitation, so choose your templates accordingly. Also, when it comes to choosing the template, choose between a modern or a traditional template depending upon your dinner menu and your table settings.
  • You can choose to get special envelopes for the putting the invitations but choose the envelope in accordance with your letterhead. Preferably, they should be following the same theme. If you are unable to find envelopes with the same theme, at least choose them in the same color or shade.
  • The type of language that you use on the invitation is very important. Include the guests name and the number of people that he can come along with. Also, do not forget to include your own name and address along with your contact number. Mention the time of the dinner and the time that the guest is expected to arrive at.

Thanksgiving is a joyous time where your loved ones would travel miles to just be with you. Make this occasion a special celebration. Give your Thanksgiving a classier touch with Thanksgiving letterheads. Have a merry Thanksgiving!

Thankful Leaf Wreath

Thankful Leaf Wreath

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to make other people happy, to lighten their lives with happiness and love. It’s the time to say or express your gratefulness to someone who has helped you when you were in absolute need. It is the time to again appreciate their efforts for sparing precious time for you and making your life beautiful. One must not forget to show love for the family and on this occasion let them know how much you care for them, how much you love them and how lucky you are to have them as your dear ones.

What is a better way than to decorate your entrance of your house or the gate of your house by a thankful leaf wreath? The wreath adds to the beauty of the entrance and also symbolizes that you’re having a celebration going on. You can decorate your house with many Thanksgiving decorative pieces such as Thanksgiving crafts which includes Thanksgiving paper turkey; Thanksgiving show pieces; Thanksgiving gifts; Thanksgiving paintings, etc. Add thankful leaf wreath to the decoration to enhance the beauty and serenity of the house.

What does a thanksgiving wreath signify?

A Thanksgiving wreath signifies the endless feeling of gratefulness towards the closed loved ones. Wreath which is circular in shape indicates that there is no end to the good things that are happening. It also signifies that life continues and goes on and it has no end.

Different ways to design thankful leaf wreath:

There are many ways by which you can make thankful leaf wreath. Thanksgiving wreaths are also called as fall wreaths. Since, it’s the ongoing of autumn season, these Thanksgiving wreaths make up for a decorative door piece.

Thankful autumn leaf wreath:
It’s the ongoing of season of autumn. Nature has taken various colors. Leaves have changed their colors from green to yellow and from yellow to orange. This dramatic change of colors in nature is so mesmerizing that you find it highly irresistible to appreciate the beauty. Truly, nature leaves us spellbound. What you need to do, to make a thankful autumn leaf wreath is to take a walk in your surroundings. Pick up fresh orange, red colored leaves and weave them into a thick wreath. If you like to keep wreath thin and delicate, then you may not need large quantity of leaves. If you prefer your wreath to be thick, then you have to collect a good quantity of them. Make sure, there is a blend in color. Pick leaves of different shades of autumn ranging from sunset orange to enthralling turmeric yellow. Do include autumn flowers in the wreath, to give it in a glance appealing, smoothing and attractive effect. These multi colored leaves will make the wreath look more captivating. Thus, you can welcome your guests for Thanksgiving by hanging this thankful autumn leaf wreath at your door.

Thankful turkey leaf wreath:

It’s a Thanksgiving season and it is time to innovate things. Bored with making same type of wreath? Then let us call on our imaginative minds. It’s Thanksgiving and we can add tiny paper turkeys to the normal wreath. It will add a dash of Thanksgiving feel to the common wreath. Engage your children to make small paper turkeys. You can use these paper turkeys as thanksgiving crafts as well as use them in weaving beautiful, turkey themed wreaths. One can use normal green colored leaves to weave turkey wreath or orange colored autumn leaves to make it look more fascinating. Your thanksgiving turkey leaf wreath is ready to be displayed on the door.

Berries Thanksgiving wreath:

The most awaited and most loved part of Thanksgiving celebration is its feast. Delicious turkey, yummy cranberry sauce, luscious berries, scrumptious smashed potatoes, lip smacking desserts and tasty corn. So imagine, if you can use these dried Thanksgiving berries in a wreath, it would be an innovative idea and very appealing. You can make a wreath, just of these dried berries or you can incorporate these berries into a leaf wreath. Thus, your normal wreath will take a new turn and will look refreshing.

Hope above mentioned thankful leaf wreath proves to be helpful to you. Make this Thanksgiving colorful by decorating your house and welcoming your guests by thankful leaf wreath.