How to Choose a Thanksgiving Guest List

Thanksgiving is a get together time in America and Canada where families get together in the feast to praise the almighty and share their bounty. Plan and organize your Thanksgiving at least a month in advance, your guest list being the top priority so that you can move ahead with your other preparations. Your menu can be planned once you know the dietary requirements of your guests and also avoid foods that they are allergic to. It is important to know how to choose a thanksgiving guest list well in advance to have hassle-free and a peaceful dinner party. Spend some time to prepare an appropriate combination of your guests. During Thanksgiving, people are drawn towards different personal commitments by their loved ones, taking a confirmation from them in advance will prevent empty places at the dining table. Once you have planned your Thanksgiving guest list, you can move ahead with the menu and the decoration plans.

Planning the Invitees List

  • The Thanksgiving guest list for the feast can include family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, kids or people from your block. You can either choose a group or a mix of these. You can also include in your guest list, people whom you are thankful to be in your life. The appropriate guest list should include people who enjoy each other’s company. Choose the right combination of guests so that they have best time together.
  • When you are deciding on ‘How to choose a Thanksgiving guest list’ prepare a planner which has various divided columns representing the names of guests, their confirmation, the dish they are going to bring along and their special dietary requirements.
  • If you are the sole host of the party, you can call up your closed ones and delegate authority to them which will help you in hosting a perfect Thanksgiving dinner party.
  • Select guests who will be able to attend your Thanksgiving feast. Inviting people with prior obligations and work commitments may result in an empty dinner table on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Avoid inviting feuding members which can create altercation and awkwardness during the party.
  • Invite guests according to the theme you planned for the Thanksgiving party.It can be a kid’s only party, a formal sit-down dinner party with colleagues or a get-together party with friends and family. You can set up a different table for kids, if you want to interact and converse with the adults.
  • Take a look at the location where you are planning your party be; an apartment, a house or a hall and invite your guests accordingly. You being the host, need to ensure that there is sufficient seating place, and table ware for all the invited guests. If you have limited space reduce the invitees from your list. Avoid discomfort of guests by cramming them at dinner table. Also take into consideration, the space available for before and after party entertainment.
  • Prepare the final Thanksgiving guests list. Confirm the list by calling your guests directly or by through RSVPs. If there is any declination, replace them with alternate members. Call your potential guests, two weeks before Thanksgiving to take their confirmation; in case, they are unsure about their plans but still they will consider your invitation. To avoid vacant places at the dinner table and wastage of menu, ask guests to please give a confirmation.
  • Take confirmation of your guests who are coming out of town or from other parts of the city so that you can arrange accommodation, pickup drops, sanitary supplies and enough bedding for them. You can load your pantry accordingly depending upon the number of guests coming for the party.

Working on these minute details on ‘How to choose a Thanksgiving guest list’ will make your process of planning the party less stressful and devoid of chaos. Now sit back and enjoy the party with your loved ones!

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