How to Throw a Hawaiian Theme Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as a harvest festival in the United States and Canada. You can add an extra zing to the usual Thanksgiving parties by celebrating it in different themes for instance Hawaiian theme parties, Retro thanksgiving theme parties, Caribbean beach theme parties etc. Call for reunion and surprise your guests by combining your Thanksgiving celebrations with the Hawaiian or luau flair. Organize your Hawaiian theme Thanksgiving party by adding tropical decorations and an ethnic Hawaiian twist to your Thanksgiving dinner. These are few helpful hints on ”How to throw a Hawaiian theme Thanksgiving party’.

  1. Party Invites-Send personalized invitations in bright colored envelopes with tropical flowers sprinkled on them. You can create invitations with cut outs of Grass-skirt wearing woman or a luau man. Add lei in the invite, ask them to wear it and dress in Hawaiian attire for the party.
  2. Plan the Menu
      • While traditional turkey forms the main menu of the Thanksgiving dinner, you can include variety of tropical foods like fruit salad with flavored macadamia nuts, coconuts and pineapples.
      • You can keep diced and grilled pineapple plate or include pineapple cake
      • Mashed sweet potatoes can take place of traditional potatoes
      • Include Taro chips if available.
      • For deserts, you can use pineapple pie, chocolate coconut pie along with traditional pumpkin pie.
      • You can offer Banana mango smoothie, ice tea, Pina coladas or tropical Thanksgiving punch served with a decorative fruit piece for kids and Hawaiian cocktails as refreshments for adults

      3) Decorations:

      • Decorate your porch or backyard with inflatable Tiki huts and tribal masks available at various retail outlets.
      • For a Hawaiian theme Thanksgiving party, replace the usual lights on your entrance by colorful neon lights and banners decorated with tropical flowers.
      • You can decorate the interior of your homes with paper lanterns, faux garlands, sea shells, sand, various colored leis and maracas.
      • Use tropical flowers and orchids and place them neatly in a vase. .
      • For lightening purpose, use coconut candles, tiki candles and luau lights or candles placed in coconut shells.
      • For cutlers, make use of tropical straws, cocktail umbrellas, coconut cups with straws, multicolored or plain beachcomber hats to hold food items, etc.
      • Make use of a raffia table skirt on the buffet table along with bright colored table mats.
      • Welcome your guests by putting colored leis around their necks. Purchase hula skirts and coconut tops for your guests to wear them over their clothing.
      • Greet each lady with a hibiscus and ask them to place it on their hair.

      4) Entertainment:

      When you are planning on ‘How to throw a Hawaiian theme Thanksgiving party’; entertainment section will take the main stand. For Hawaiian themed parties go for entertainment like:

      • You can set the mood of the party by playing Hawaiian music and keeping competition of luau dancing.
      • Ask the guests to be dressed in Hawaiian attire and you being the host of the dinner; award the individual who is in the tackiest outfit.
      • You can plan for games like hula hoop, tacky tourist relay and Bamboo limbo game.
      • Arrange CD/DVD of famous movies like Princess Kaiulani, Gidget goes Hawaiian, Blue Hawaii and the Hawaiians.

      5) Gifts for guests

      Thank your guests by gifting them basket filled with fresh fruits, flavored Macadamia nuts, and homemade cookies in color wrappers and tied with ribbon.

      You can also arrange for orchids and tropical flowers for each guest.

      For kids, give colorful leis, sunglasses, flip-flops, beaded and floral necklaces.

    Hope the discussed details will erase your worries on ‘How to throw a Hawaiian theme Thanksgiving party’. By keeping these minute things, you can make your Hawaiian theme Thanksgiving party a huge success and have guests praising you for the extra efforts. And be sure that everyone will be thanking you for the fun they had at your organized Luau party!

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