Thanksgiving Party Ideas for Adults

Thanksgiving is a time for spreading cheer and thankfulness to your whole family & friends. It’s a time to spread your bounty and thankfulness. Apart from celebrating this festive spirit with stuffy dinner where turkey and pumpkin pie stand as a staple meal, you can arrange some themed parties around kids and adults. Prepare in advance your guest list, so that you can move ahead with your party plans. Make your Thanksgiving party celebration special by throwing themed parties for people of different ages like adults only Thanksgiving party, and kids’ only party.


Thanksgiving Invitation

For adults only party, you can select either from a list of family members, extended family, coworkers, friends, people from your block or a combination of either of these. You can also include people, whom you are thankful in your life and want to express your gratitude.

After you have planned your guest list, invite your guests by sending them personalized invitations or calling them up directly. Ask them to confirm your invitations so that once you know who and how many guests are going to come, it would be easier for you to proceed with the preparations. You can arrange a ‘potluck dinner’ where the guests have to be told to bring a specific dish to the party. You can prepare two or more main course; while you can assign side dishes and desserts to your guests. This will not only reduce your last minute burden but also help in sharing new recipes.

Decoration and Menu: Once you are done with the guest list, you can proceed with this part. You can choose whether you want to make this event a formal or a casual one. As per your choice, you can keep the decorations either simple or extravagant. Tidy up your party space a day before and make it clutter free. You can make use of plenty candles, dimmers for adding special effects to the party. Set you dinner table and arrange all your cutlers a day before. To make your party more colorful, you can use themed parties like Hawaiian themed party, Caribbean beach party, retro party, etc. Arrange for extra lodging, bedding and sanitary supplies in case your guests are coming from various cities and planning to stay overnight.

When ‘Thanksgiving party ideas for adults’ come to your mind, food and beverages take a main stand. For adults only Thanksgiving parties, have a menu consisting of snacks, food and drinks. You can serve your guests from a selection of various alcoholic drinks or keep fruit punch as optional. Keep an assortment of fine beer and wine.

Thanksgiving Entertainment for Adults

In your ‘Thanksgiving party ideas for adults’ incorporate some entertainment like:

  • Select some good CD/DVDs to be played during the party and post meal. This can work if your guests are planning to relax on the couch after the meal.
  • Arrange for some good music to cheer the mood of your guests and have a dance party
  • Entertain your crew by some fun indoor and outdoor games
  • You can either opt for indoor games like turkey hunt, passing the parcel, videogames and online games designed for Thanksgiving For example. Wild Word West, Fall Fevered., or go for outdoor games like musical chairs, Blind Man’s Bluff, sports like baseball, football, etc.
  • Amuse your guests for hours by playing some old classic family board games like Dominoes, Pictionary, Scattergories, Scrabble and Monopoly.
  • Make sure of the availability of all the game supplies beforehand.

If you don’t want to indulge yourself in games, you can just have formal interaction with your friends at the dinner table. These are some tips shared on Thanksgiving party ideas for adults so that one can implement some fun parties for your friends, family members and colleagues. By considering and proper planning of few of these ideas can ensure that your guests are enjoying themselves.

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