Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a tradition followed by most of the countries in the world. In America, the day is celebrated in November on fourth Thursday and is proclaimed as a national holiday. The day brings in the opportunity to reflect back on our lives and express gratitude to all the people who have been an important part of our life. We must all thank God for giving us such a wonderful life to live and for all the blessings He has showered upon us. Expressing gratitude to the people who care for you and vice-versa will help in strengthening the bond of love and make our life more colorful. The thanksgiving celebration was started in America when the group of English Separatists arrived at Plymouth in 1620 and celebrated thanksgiving in 1621 when the harvest was in abundance. But, historians believe that thanksgiving celebration was started much before the arrival of English Separatists. In the year 1565, Spanish explorer christened as Pedro Menendez de Avile held mass ceremony to thank God for the safe arrival of crew members. Hence, there is a controversy as when was the thanksgiving celebration started.

Planning a Thanksgiving feast

There is no spark or zeal to thanksgiving celebration if it is sans feast. Thanksgiving feast plays a major part in thanksgiving celebration. It comprises of turkey which is the main course of thanksgiving feast, cranberry sauce, smashed potato, sweet corn, butter, milk, berries and various types of desserts. According to personal taste, one can add their favorite courses to the menu. Thanksgiving recipes includes various categories such as Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes, Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes, Diabetic-Friendly Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Low-Carb Recipes, Leftovers, Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes and many more. There are lots of recipes covered under these categories.

  • Thanksgiving dinner recipes:This group of recipes consists of the proper thanksgiving feast. Turkey which is considered to be the main course of thanksgiving feast is served as the main course along with other dishes such as sweet corn, smashed potatoes, gallops of butter, scrumptious cranberry sauce, all sorts of berries such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc., breads and rainbow of desserts. Pumpkin pie is considered to be the traditional dessert recipe. All this stuff comes under the category of thanksgiving dinner. You can enjoy the thanksgiving dinner with your family members and closed ones.
  • Thanksgiving side dish recipes:With the main course of thanksgiving feast, thanksgiving side dish recipes are also served. These recipes are simple and tasty. The side dish may vary according to the country and its staple food. E.g. Italians would have side dish as pizza and tortellini, Polish will have pierogi, Japanese will have Sushi, French will have canneles which is associated with south of France region and so on. For many people side dish is incomplete without cheese and macaroni. One can prepare wide range of side dish menu which includes lots of desserts and breads. Following is the list of few side dishes that are quite popular for thanksgiving: green bean casseroles, smashed sweet potato, creamy corn pudding, broccoli casserole, creamed Swiss chard, Butternut squash and apple casserole, crunchy sweet potato casserole, cheesy corn bake, fried corn, sweet potato risotto, vegetable cheese bake, fried okra etc. These side dishes will add that extra fine taste to the feast and make it more complete.
  • Thanksgiving dessert recipes:Desserts are mouth-watering dishes of any festival. It shoots up the energy level and makes the meal more palatable. Without desserts, feast remains incomplete. These desserts are bound to be favorite amongst all age groups. Here is the list of what all you can include in your thanksgiving dessert recipes: pumpkin swirl cheesecake, pineapple bread pudding, apple butter pumpkin pie, caramel apple cake, pumpkin roll cake, bread pudding, ricotta cheesecake with warmed cherries, chocolate almond torte, hazelnut white chocolate cheesecake, nutty caramels, chocolate bark etc. These desserts will surely tickle your taste buds.
  • Healthy Thanksgiving recipes:Thanksgiving recipes are bound to increase your calorie count. There are lots of desserts and other courses served that makes it more tempting. But watch out for unhealthy snacks. You can make your thanksgiving feast healthy without disheartening your taste buds. Include salads in your feast to provide you with the essential nutrients and vitamins. You can make different dressing for salads and add fresh fruits to increase its taste. Add olive oil to your salad dressing to get essential fats i.e. monounsaturated fats which are very healthy and very important. When it comes to dessert preparations, you can use whole wheat flour instead of refined white flour or all purpose flour. You can also use whole wheat dough instead of refined flour dough to make breads. You can also make delicious soups as starters. These soups are healthy and equally lip-smacking.
  • Low-Carb Thanksgiving recipes:It is very difficult to cut down on carbohydrates on this Thanksgiving Day, especially if you are on diet. One is tempted to have delicious sweets and desserts. So, you have to have the willpower to control your urge and cut down on carbohydrates. But, there is no need to get disappointed. You can have a bite of your favorite dessert. While cooking, ensure that you make preparations with low sugar and cut down on unsaturated fats. Avoid oily and fried stuffs to cut calories. If you are having a salad, then ensure you use low fat yogurt for dressing.

Enjoy this thanksgiving occasion and remember the real motive of celebrating Thanksgiving Day. God bless you!

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